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Rocky Landscape

Joshua Tree.

Trading brake lights for starlight.

In Town

Hang with the locals. The Sukha Life Retreat is about a 5 minute drive from town. Discover art that speaks to your heart, grab a locally roasted coffee, shop the bohemian desert vibe, grab a bite and a brew, and, if you're here on Saturday, visit the Farmer's Market. 


Joshua Tree National Park

The Sukha Life Retreat is less than a mile drive to the park entrance. Named for the famed Joshua Tree you can explore the nearly 800,000 acres where three of California's most unique eco-systems merge. Explore out of this world rock formations and cartoon like vegetation. Hike, bike, climb, drive, camp and picnic to embrace the distinct beauty of Joshua Tree 


Plan your park visit here.

Image by Anna Goncharova
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