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3 Tips to Caring for Dry Winter Skin

The Joshua Tree winter is as dry as the summer, with cold added on top. When the temperatures dip to a bristly 36 degrees Fahrenheit (or lower) at night and daytime highs of 52 degrees (or lower) your skin feels it.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. And, often, the most neglected. It gets exposed to the sun, detergents and other toxins. It filters much of what is put into the body. Yet, its function is taken for granted until it starts to itch and has your attention.

Here are 3 simple tips we practice at The Sukha Life Retreat to eliminate and nourish dry winter skin.

1) Use a flexible, natural bristle brush and brush the body from neck to toe moving toward the heart. You are doing two things; 1) exfoliating dead skin and 2) stimulating the lymphatic system.

Dead cells build up on the skin and need to be exfoliated every 72 hours. By brushing toward the heart center you increase circulation and energize the lymphatic system allowing it to eliminate toxins.

2) Take a cold shower. Yes, a cold shower in the winter. This is a daily yogic practice to stimulate cell production and increase blood flow in the body resulting in more vibrant looking skin.

3) Towel blot the skin leaving a bit of water and apply a generous amount of almond oil (or other favorite natural oil). Almond oil is a good medium absorption oil. Meaning it won't feel oily on your skin, like heavier oils will, and it's not so light that it will dissipate quickly. Almond oil will trap in the water left on your skin for further hydration.

Repeat this every day or two during the week and your skin will thank you. P.S. you can also use this practice on your face with a smaller dry brush.

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