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5 Bucket List Vegan Meals To Enjoy In Joshua Tree

Fun Ways to Eat Plant-Based While You're Traveling in the Desert

Vegan food in the desert? You bet! Joshua Tree offers some of the best plant-based meals that will provide you with an unforgettable dining experience. If you're vegan, vegetarian, or just a foodie looking for something out of the ordinary, Joshua Tree is the perfect place to visit. It has an array of options that feature fresh, unique dishes. Do you want to try out a new restaurant? How about booking a private dining experience at home? Maybe you want to handpick your ingredients at the local farmer's market. Whatever your taste, there's something in this town for everyone. Make sure to try out these delicious plant-based options while exploring Joshua Tree.

Grab a Delicious Breakfast

The Natural Sisters Cafe offers an array of organic breakfast and lunch options including smoothies and fresh juices. The friendly staff will help you find what you're looking for, whether you need something quick or are planning a full meal. Their staff is knowledgeable about their menu and will be able to assist you if needed.

Start your morning with a locally-roasted coffee and the “Vegan Scram”. This plant-based favorite is a tofu breakfast with fresh veggies and vegan cheese. Add on a filling smoothie and you’ll be ready for whatever adventures your day brings. This locally-owned eatery is perfect for fueling up before you hit the trails at Joshua Tree National Park.

Visit the Joshua Tree Farmer’s Market

The Joshua Tree Farmer's Market is a Saturday morning must-do! It's open every Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM. This market offers many fresh, local ingredients. You can buy fresh fruits and veggies, vegan cheese, juices, nuts, coffee and tea, vegan meats, fresh-baked bread, and so much more!

If you’re staying at a local Airbnb, there's nothing quite like the feeling of gathering your family around the table for a home-cooked meal—especially when the ingredients are all locally sourced. Some of the best meals you'll ever have are the ones you make at home with your family and friends.

Celebrate with a Private Chef

Book a stay at Sukha Life Retreat and add on dinner with a private chef right in your home! If you have a dinner party coming up, and you're looking for a private chef that can accommodate specific food needs (like plant-based), look no further. They have the perfect person to give your guests the most delicious and indulgent experience.

Enjoy interacting with the chef while you witness her skills in the kitchen. You'll be able to learn from her deep knowledge of Joshua Tree's local produce and cuisine. There's something special about sitting down with friends and enjoying a meal that was made just for you. And when that meal is loaded with the best of Joshua Tree's local offerings, it makes things that much better.

Complete the Day with a Delicious Dinner

After a long day of exploring, finish the night with a filling, yummy vegan dinner at Crossroads Cafe. This is one of the most famous local spots in Joshua Tree, and it's famous for a reason! They have delicious, hearty food. We recommend the “Hell Burger” made with grilled seitan, veganaise, lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles. Served with a side and just $8.50, this delectable dinner is a steal. Another favorite is the “Hot as Hell Taco”, a mouth-watering combination of seitan, onions, peppers, salsa, and avocado. Their dishes will satisfy all your cravings, and may even inspire a new interest in food, cooking, and plant-based living.

Hiking with Snacks

Joshua Tree National Park is a hiker's paradise—the beautiful desert landscape paired with the other-worldly appearance of the Joshua trees for which the park is named makes for a truly unforgettable experience. But if you're sticking to a plant-based diet, it can be hard to find vegan hiking snacks that don't fall apart in your backpack or taste like cardboard. Luckily, we've got you covered! Instead of just sticking to the standard trail mix, you can make a few of these easy snacks to take along with you. The best part: they're healthy, delicious, and simple to make!

The first option is simple and tasty—mushroom jerky. Made from shiitake mushrooms, this jerky has a satisfying flavor and texture. You can buy the jerky in all your favorite flavors like barbeque, teriyaki, and salt and pepper. Some prominent brands to try include Pan’s and Eat the Change.

The second snack is especially great for kids who are vegan: homemade protein balls. Because they have a sweet taste and are super easy to grab and go, these make for a great hiking snack for kids and adults alike. There are many different recipes depending on what ingredients you prefer including dates, raisins, and oats. For a guaranteed delicious vegan oat bar, check out this easy recipe made with simple ingredients such as bananas, dried fruit, and maple syrup.

The third idea is almond butter-filled dates, a local treat. Dates grow easily all over the Coachella Valley. This one is ideal if you want something that’s filling and a quick and easy snack on the go.

Enjoy the Many Vegan Options Joshua Tree Offers

The list of delicious meals in Joshua Tree is endless, but these few options should help get you started on your vegan journey. If you're visiting or traveling to Joshua Tree and want to experience a local gem, don't be afraid to ask around.

Here's your chance to check out some of the amazing restaurants, markets, and chefs in Joshua Tree. These options are making it possible for visitors to get a taste of vegan dining in this desert oasis. You'll be surprised how much food you can find without eating at a typical tourist restaurant.

Make sure to book a stay at your own incredible Airbnb for a top-notch experience. The Sukha Life Retreat and The Sukha Life Hideaway are the best options to ensure you have access to the most qualified and accomodating private chef in the area.

Happy dining!

Lisa and Lucie

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