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Connect to you in Joshua Tree

What is there to do in Joshua Tree?

Listen to your heart.

The wide open space, fresh air, and vortex like energy are a few of the intangibles that make Joshua Tree, CA the place to connect to you. A place you can listen to your heart and hear your breath. Slow-the-roll, drop the hustle, check in and chill out.

My favorite place to slow down and reconnect is The Sukha Life Retreat. Located on a serene 1 1/4 acres it has a salt water spa and private yoga studio with expansive desert views. Grab a yoga mat or meditation blanket (provided for you) and set yourself up facing the sunrise.

Follow this breathing technique for 3 minutes and directly feel yourself transform into serenity.

Sitting in a cross-legged position.

Close your eyes and focus between the brows, your point of intuition.

Inhale deeply and slowly through the nose, expanding your belly out like a balloon.

Feel your diaphragm lift and your chest push up and out.

Now, exhale releasing from the chest, drop the diaphragm and empty your belly of all its air.

Repeat this long, deep breathing technique for 3 minutes.

Take a few moments and listen to your heart.

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